American Bureau of Shipping

A history of innovation and evolution.

As a 150+ year old company, ABS has often had to evolve with the times. Over the centuries they had adapted as ships moved from wooden sailing vessels, to steam, to modern forms of vessel construction and propulsion.

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A digital transformation.

Today's technology-forward world presents unique challenges and opportunities. ABS customers expect ordering complex vessel surveys and inspections to be as easy and convenient as ordering a ride share, or food from a local restaurant.

Keeping pace with these evolving customer expectations meant making fundamental changes in the way ABS delivers services to its customers and within its own business.

This time, evolution meant undergoing a digital transformation.

“I  had lunch with David this time last year, and we talked about all of the various challenges I was facing in my organization: delivery, culture, and development of key technical talent. He came in and systematically knocked them out over the course of a year.”

— Maria O’Neill, CIO

The 4 ways we helped ABS deliver their vision of a digital future:

Level up your work, level up your team.

We solve the problems that keep you up at night and leave your team with lasting solutions to solve the next problem before it even starts.

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