How it Works

Consider us your IT partners in crime. We collaborate with you and your key players to solve your biggest business problems – for good.

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We start with Discovery

During the discovery process, we move quickly to understand the root of your problem, map out solutions, create estimates, and agree on scope.

Once all key players understand the problem being solved and their role in helping deliver the solution, we create a project plan that moves in terms of minutes and hours, not months and weeks.

Dive into

Once the plan and key players are in place, we hit the ground running and deliver in sprints.

Every 1-2 weeks, your team will see new code, performance tests, and iterative feedback.

We like to demo every week so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the project and get real solutions upon delivery.

And end with a buttery-smooth handoff

DNA projects wrap up in two phases: the IT handoff, and the business handoff.

For your IT team: We leave you with code you can maintain, solid documentation, and a training cadence for updates. No ongoing retainer for upkeep, just solutions your team can own in-house.

For business stakeholders: We walk through the problem, demo the solution, and show how the team will maintain it long term. We don’t part ways until all parties agree value has been delivered.

Real Clients. Real Results.

“I had lunch with David this time last year, and we talked about all of the various challenges I was facing in my organization: delivery, culture, and development of key technical talent. He came in and systematically knocked them out over the course of a year.”— Maria O’Neill, CIO

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Our Client Guarantee

No surface-level solutions

We’re not interested in bandaids. We take the time to find the root of your problems so that any solution offers short and long term results.

The problems we solve, stay solved

Our goal is to work on a solution once, and never have to touch it again. If at the end of a project you feel like you need our team to maintain it, we haven’t done our jobs.

Best-in-class delivery, every time

From discovery to delivery, our team of developers will stay with you every step of the way so that you get a solution that truly works for your team and customers.